Social Media Outsourcing and Reputation Management

Social Media Outsourcing and Reputation Management

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Social Media Outsourcing

Millions of businesses, nonprofits, political candidates and entrepreneurs have already become involved in Social Media, setting up Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, blogs and ancillary accounts. The danger is that this is as far as they go.

In order for Social Media to be a success for your business it has to be worked - hard. Fresh content has to be delivered to the audience on a daily basis. You need to be able to respond to any comments or questions, any delay will result in a loss of interest in what you have to say. All this means that you have to be involved and that means devoting time or resource to Social Media - two commodities that most business owners are pretty short of.

If you don't have the time to get involved in social media or need a protocol to handle your social media agendas efficiently, then you should contact Selthofner Consulting.  Our team can set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and any other sites, structured correctly to give you the power to harness leads and opportunities quickly and efficiently.

If you need, we can manage your accounts on a regular basis generating content that will be interesting and relevant to your customers.  We also are proficient in lead generation and harvesting, delivering to your sales and support teams opportunities in a timely fashion.

Reputation Management

Once you are set up on multiple social media outlets, what's to stop people from posting comments about your business that you may not feel are fair or are simply not true?  How does competition play a role with your social media networks?  Are you able to harness and spread the customers sharing and reviewing your business in a positive manner?

Selthofner Consulting has developed a system that will address the issue, minimize the impact and possibly eliminate negative/false reputation issues. It is not a "magic bullet" and won't make the problem (if it exists) go away, but it gives you a process to follow which should let you walk away with your reputation intact.

In addition to negative publicity or reputation management, it is just as important to manage your positive reputation.  With a standard proven protocol of success Selthofner Consulting has your reputation in your best interest.

Call Jay for an informal chat about how we can help you in this area. You don't need to be an existing customer. If you have a problem then I and the my team would love to help.  I understand that a majority of my client base came from talking to people and look forward to speaking with you.


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