In order to apply the correct amount of product to your pond or water garden, you need to know the size of it.  The water body calculator on Boggy Creek Pond Supply can also be used to determine the volume, acre-feet, square footage and surface acreage of your pond or water garden.

To effectively use the Water Body Calculator, first you will need to gather the following measurements for your water body:

  • Length in feet (L)
  • Width in feet (W)
  • Average Depth in feet (D)

Helpful Hints: The values provided by the water body calculator can be used for applying biological or chemical products to your pond or water garden. Most of the product labels have an application rate that is based on acre-feet or surface acres for ponds, and square feet or gallons for water gardens.

Helpful Conversions:

  • 1 cubic foot = 7.5 gallons
  • 1 surface acre = 43,560 ft2
  • 1 acre-foot = 375,851 gallons
  • 1 acre-foot = the volume of water needed to cover one surface acre, to a depth of one foot

The Water Body Calculator can be found at

For more information and products for ponds, please visit Boggy Creek Pond Supply.

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